Sunday, May 26, 2013

Migrate SysGen Model in IDS to Vivado

Both IDS and Vivado Design Suite include System Generator (SysGen) for DSP. However, SysGen models created in IDS may not be compatible in Vivado because some design blocks in IDS SysGen may have different versions in Vivado or may not even be supported. SysGen in IDS 14.5/Vivado 2013.1 has a new "Model Upgrade" feature that will make migration of SysGen model from IDS to Vivado a lot easier. A couple of things to keep in mind when migrating:
  1. Vivado only supports 7 Series (Virtex7, Kintex7, Artix7), Zynq, and newer device families.
  2. Not all blocks om Xilinx BlockSet can be upgraded. Non-upgradable blocks need to be removed.
The migration is a two-step process:
  1. Run IDS SysGen: upgrades all blocks to the latest version in IDS SysGen. 
  2. Run Vivado SysGen: upgrade latest versions of all blocks in IDS SysGen to the latest versions in Vivado SysGen.
Upgrade Model in IDS SysGen:
  1. Open the model in IDS SysGen
  2. Open the "Properties" window of "System Generator". 
  3. Select a 7 series or Zyqn device is selected as the "Compilation" target
  4. Click the "Model Upgrade" button (Figure 1)
  5. A "Upgrade Status Report" window (Figure 2) will popup showing versions of blocks used in the current model, available versions for those blocks in the current SysGen version, and if they are upgradable (manual connection may be required) or replaceable (upgraded block will be automatically connected by the tool).
  6. Click "Upgrade the model" at the top of the report to upgrade the entire model or "Upgrade" in the "Perform Upgrade" column for each block to upgrade the corresponding block
  7. Go back to SysGen model and manually remove incompatible blocks.
  8. Save the upgraded model in IDS SysGen
Upgrade Model in Vivado SysGen:
  1. Open the upgraded model above in Vivado SysGen
  2. Right click an empty area on the model and select  "Xilinx Tools->Upgrade model" (Figure 3)
  3. Save the model once the upgrade is done.
Figure 1. Model Upgrade button on IDS SysGen token

Figure 2. Upgrade Status Report in IDS SysGen

Figure 3: Upgrade model in Vivado SysGen

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